Trinity Lutheran Church - Hoyleton, Illinois

Trinity Lutheran Church

Compelled by the grace of God, Trinity Lutheran Church and School forgives, teaches, and serves in the name of Jesus

205 North Main, Hoyleton, Illinois 62803

Sunday School / Bible Class 8:30 a.m.  Sunday Divine Service 9:30 a.m.


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Sunday July 5 "Sixth Sunday after Pentecost" 

Bible Class - The Lord's Prayer
Entire Service
Sandy - Preservice Music
Men's Choir - God Bless Our Native Land
Sermon - Our Thorn ( II Corinthians 12:1-10)

Sunday June 28 "Fifth Sunday after Pentecost" 

Bible Class - The Third Article
Entire Service
Baptism of Maybree Elizabeth Nelson
Children's Sermon
Sermon - Desperate Faith ( Mark 5::21-43)

Sunday June 21 "Fourth Sunday after Pentecost" 

Bible Class - Ten Commandments
Entire Service
Sermon - Who is This? ( Mark 4:35-41)

Sunday June 14 "Third Sunday after Pentecost" 

Bible Class - Law and Gospel
Entire Service
Emma - Preservice Music
Children's Sermon
Sermon - Hope out of Ruin ( Ezekiel 17:22-24)

Sunday June 7 "The Second Sunday after Pentecost" 

Bible Class - Who is Jesus?
Entire Service
Mollee - Preservice Music
Sermon - Vicar Robert Bailey
We are His Brothers and Sisters
 (Acts 10:34-48)
How Beautiful

Sunday May 31 "The Holy Trinity" 

Confirmation Reunion Service
Entire Service
Art Meier - It's My New Life
Sermon - Called ( Isaiah 6:1-8)
Appointed Readings for July 5, 2015 "Sixth Sunday after Pentecost"
Introit   Collect   Gradual   Old Testement Reading   Epistle   Gospel